Terms Of Service

1. Description of the Project ("Specifications"). The client agrees to send a detailed description of the project, the company, or the firm for which a logo is required. This would help us to get a clear idea of what the requirements are.

2. Additional Editing & Changes. Any requested changes to the Specifications shall constitute additional editing and could possibly incur additional charges or fees if you ask for more than 3 revisions.. All additional changes must be submitted and approved by both parties in writing via email.

3. Delivery of Project. We use all reasonable efforts in the development of the Project and endeavor to complete and deliver to you all files, media and materials related to the Project no later than in the effective date of agreement by an approved party provided that payment and all requested instructions and material have been received by us from you. Any delay in the completion of the Project due to actions or negligence of Customer, transportation delays, illness, or circumstances outside the control of Designers may alter the delivery date. Designers will make reasonable effort to notify you of any delays to the estimated delivery date as soon as possible.

4. Reproduction of Project. Upon successful completion of all compensation terms and outstanding balances owed to us, you are granted full and unlimited reproduction rights to the Project.

5. Governing Law. The laws of United States shall govern this agreement and the relationship between you and DirtCheapLogos.net. You agree that any grievances shall be settled according the procedures and laws within this jurisdiction. You further agree that any claim, cause or action related to the service or this agreement must be filed within one (1) year after such claim arose.

6. Trademarks, Logos and other Intellectual Property Issues. You are responsible for any Copyright or Trademark issues related to the creation and the use of Project files by you. You shall be solely responsible for any Trademark or Copyright searches pertaining to the Project unless otherwise contracted for in the Specifications. Designers will not knowingly copy other rightfully trademarked or copyrighted material. 

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